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Cameron Diaz

I’ve Always Had a Serious Pimple Problem. It’s One of Life’s Trials, Right?


Well, what you heard is indeed true. Isn’t it comforting? Cameron Diaz, being one of the most beautiful woman in the world, has acne. In fact, acne has been part of Cameron Diaz life for the past 10 years and she attributed her acne to her heavy smoking habit. What Cameron has is adult acne and it still break out on her skin after her teenage years. Statistic shows that adult acne affects 57% of adult women out there. Cameron Diaz acne exposed:


Cameron Diaz Acne


Imagine you are famous and you have millions of people scrutinizing every single pore on your face. On top of that you have bad skin, acne, discoloration, scars, enlarged pores, etc., and your skin takes center stage on the big screen, or possibly worse, in high definition. You’d be pretty determined to fix any and all imperfections, right?

If you haven’t suffered from acne, you are blessed. It is painful, embarrassing and disfiguring, and the scarring it can leave behind often takes months to fade. When you see all those celebrities on TV and in the movies looking good you cannot imagine that some of them had to deal with problems such as acne. Well, you should know that many Hollywood stars still have problems with acne but they know how to cover their pimples to have a perfect image on TV.



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Recently, Cameron Diaz has shown her acne problem on TV, since it could not escape the high definition lenses of the cameras. She admitted that she has been struggling with acne since high school and that she gets serious breakouts even today. This makes us wonder if there are truly many famous and popular people who are, contrary to popular belief, not perfect at all. Rather, all their imperfections are concealed by professional make up artists, digital image enhancers and Photoshop experts.


  • Why Is Cameron’s Skin So Difficult To Manage?

Genetics – that’s a dirty word in the beauty business because it’s just something we can’t do a thing about. Some of us have bad luck in the skin department. It’s a fact of life. But genetics don’t have to doom you to a life of pimples, they just make it more difficult to achieve the clear skin you crave. One reason: it takes hard work and persistence.

When the natural state of your skin is pimply, you have to be diligent to combat it. This means attacking the problem from a variety of angles. It takes more than face wash and changing your pillow case. An interesting side note: one study suggests, your genetics combined with the type of bacteria on your skin may be to blame!




Does Cameron Diaz Have Acne Scars?

Cameron Diaz also have bad acne scars, we just don’t see them thanks to the wonders of photoshop and professional make up artists.

I love Cameron Diaz and partly for one rather shallow reason: she has acne and scars. She’s one of the blondest, leggiest actors in Hollywood but, like so many of us in the real world, her skin never got the memo. She is often photographed with rough, pimply cheeks a la adolescence, and she doesn’t seem to mind the attention to her problem skin.

This is another reason I love her: she seems okay with who she is. Not to say she doesn’t try to address the problem, she sure does. But when treatments don’t work and she has a particularly bad skin day, she still hits the beach with no makeup rocking what she’s got. While I happen to know there are some things Cameron could do to improve her complexion, I also think she’s a great role model for the unperfect masses. Do what you can and love yourself when it doesn’t work.

Cameron Diaz

I Love Cameron Diaz


So don’t think that you’re the only one who has to suffer from bad acne or acne scars. Even Hollywood stars can’t avoid it. If Cameron Diaz can manage to remain beautiful, attractive and sexy after enduring years of acne treatment, so can you. All that matters is your strength and will-power to fight this annoying problems and find a cure which will keep the acne off your face.


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