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17 Amazing Face Masks for Acne and Clear Skin


  Although not life-threatening, acne is a horrible skin condition since it ruins the looks of the skin and can be hard to manage. While the acne and pimples are humiliating, they are also alerts from our bodies that things are out of balance. Therefore take note and after that start taking action. The thrilling …

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13 Most Shocking and Embarrassing Acne Stories Ever Told


  1.) The Story of Justin S. I was at the movies with a buddy and this was when my acne was a little improving, but I had really lots of whiteheads. This was also when my friend had really serious chin acne and he was frustrated from this. While we were waiting in line …

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What are the Possible Treatment Options for Acne Rosacea?

  Acne Rosacea is an understandable misnomer for acne-like lesions in the face. Rosacea, frequently mistaken for common Acne, is also termed as Acne Rosacea. It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that shows as small reddish papules or pus-filled bumps.   How is Rosacea Different from Acne? Acne is a disorder caused by facial …

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10 Best Vitamins for Acne and Clear Skin without Scars


  Dear Friend, Do You Want To Know What Are The Best Complex Vitamins? Almost any person of any age could have a difficulty with acne and breakouts. The problematic skin condition is caused by an overproduction of oil inside the skin, an accumulation of dead skin cells along with a buildup of bacteria. Main …

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Why Doctors Lie to You? Is there an Acne Cure Diet that Works?

  What Is the Truth about Acne Diet and the Money Factor?   Ask any medical doctor if there is a connection between diet and acne and almost all of them will claim there is none. Quoting from the Journal of the American Medical Association:   “Diet Plays No Role In Acne Treatment In Most …

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What Are the Best Home Remedies for Acne that Really Work? – (Part I) – Secrets that Cured My Acne without Chemicals!

    Since ancient time, people have been using natural remedies for skin treatment of various diseases such as acne, wound, burn and inflammation. These secret herbs have been passed down for centuries and have been proved to work for hundreds of years. They are believed to be the best home remedies for acne. Below …

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Top Home Remedies for Acne that Actually Work – (Part II) – How to Make Your Own Acne Treatment?

    … let’s continue with the second part of best home remedies for acne.   To shrink the open and visible pores and to pull out all the dirt and bacteria, this can be done by using hot fomentation. You can also expose your skin to warm sunlight in the late afternoon to purify …

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Can Food Cause Acne? Is Acne No More System That Effective?

    Many of us have heard that there are certain foods that cause acne, but many experts are still debating whether this is true or just a myth about acne. In order to understand the truth behind these foods that cause acne, its necessary to look at how acne forms and how your diet …

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What Are the Best Treatment Options for Acne Nodules, Papules and Pustules?

    Nodulocystic acne or nodules is a severe form of acne that is often characterized by numerous, deep, inflamed nodules and large, pus-filled lesions that resembles cysts. These nodules tend to be very tender to touch and firm. The severe inflammation may cause the acne to become very red or sometimes even purple. Nodules …

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10 Things that Can Cause Your Acne to Flare Up Badly

    I had acne for over 13 years and I did a lot of research on how to beat it. So I am attempting show you years of reading and information in a few short points which will help you in your fight to beat acne. These points help those with mild, moderate and …

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