Who is Mike Walden? Is Acne No More Scam?


Mike WaldenMike Walden is medical researcher, nutritionist, health consultant and former acne sufferer. Over 138,000 Men and Women in 157 Countries Worldwide have already used Mike Walden’s Acne No More system to get rid of their acne forever and gain permanent clear skin!

Mike Walden struggled personally from a type of acne identified as acne vulgaris. For all those of you who may not be familiar with the different types of acne, his acne consisted of big hurtful lumps underneath the surface of the skin.

These lumps were very painful, as you can imagine, and seemed to be focused around his cheeks. As if that were not bad enough, Mike Walden also suffered from cystic acne on his nose, neck and back. Any person who has ever experienced cystic acne knows that these bigger bumps can cause extreme discomfort and pain.

Mike Walden had tried just about every therapy he could think of, and visited a skin doctor frequently, but absolutely nothing seemed to eliminate his persistent acne issue. Some treatments he tried contain prescription drugs, over the counter creams, acne lotions, facial cleansers, and also antibiotics such as Doxycycline.

He even says trying a few of the more popular methods like Proactive and benzoyl peroxide with significantly less than positive final results. Mike says in his Book Acne No More that the constant humiliation of having such a serious case of acne hurt his social life, and he regrets not feeling self-confident enough to have dated or just spend much time with buddies during his high school and college years.

As you can imagine, it took him nearly 15 years to discover the right approach to get rid of acne, and he describes his complete method in detail in his Acne No More eBook. I was in a position to speak with Mike Walden and learn exactly how he came to discover the key of getting rid of acne successfully and permanently via natural acne cures.


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Mike first started laying the basis for his acne system while abroad in Israel. While speaking with local citizens, he heard rumors of a famous man named Elisha Levi who had were able to totally cure himself of different skin problems using entirely organic and holistic acne treatments.

Mike Walden asked around town and a eventually discovered a local citizen that had a video recording of a current Elisha Levi interview. Elisha repeated to the interviewer that organic treatments and healthy living are absolutely crucial for getting healthy skin, simply because blemishes on the skin reflect healthcare problems beneath.

Mike Walden took that interview to heart and returned to the United States of America where he involved in more than 4 years of in depth research into what causes acne and also the best holistic method to discover the completely most successful natural acne treatment.

I learned from Mike that he eventually created a natural program that allowed him to cure his acne, and he has been acne free for more than 7 years since. He kept mentioning how blessed he feels to have finally defeated the disease of acne, and has since married and has two kids.

When asking questions for My Acne No More Review, Mike Walden mentioned that his acne remedies are not new, however the secret lies in the way he combines several acne treatments in a specific order and period of time. Just stick to the steps given in the book in the right order and not only will you be acne free, but he says it will also assist you to understand the best way to prevent acne.



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